Get clear about your brand so you can grow your business intentionally

Brand Clarity gives you a business road map


You’re showing up, doing the work, and making some progress in your business. But even as you’re plugging away, you wonder what impact all this work is actually making and whether it’s taking you in the right direction. You’re not alone! It’s easy to get caught up, and even kind of lost, in the everyday stuff of running your business.


So what’s the secret to building an intentional business? As in, one that is purposefully aligned with your unique goals instead of just going through the motions?


The secret is none other than Brand Clarity! I’m not talking about choosing your colors, fonts, and style. Because even though that stuff is important, your brand is so much bigger than that!


Your brand is how you show up in the world. It’s how your business makes people feel.
And having clarity around that means intentional growth.


The Brand Clarity Workbook gives you the bird’s-eye view you need to understand all the pieces that make up your brand: your purpose, your ideal client, your place in the market, and your goals. And it helps you see how these pieces all work together.


When you’ve completed the Brand Clarity Workbook, you’ll be able to see where you are and where you’re going so that you can choose the best route to get you where you actually want to go.

Brand Clarity Workbook

The Brand Clarity Workbook is the same tool I use with all my one-on-one branding clients to help them get past the brain fog and start seeing their brand clearly. It’s a good match for you if you’re ready for deep-dive questions and exercises that will:

  • help you get clear on what you do and why it matters so you know exactly what to focus on and how to make it grow.
  • identify and get to know your ideal client so you can build a brand that is wildly appealing to them.
  • discover your place in the market so you know how to position your brand alongside the businesses your ideal client already loves.
  • get clear about and own your goals so you can build a brand that gets you where you actually want to go.
The Brand Clarity Workbook is your guide to becoming more intentional about the work you do and how you grow your business.

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Here’s the chapter breakdown

Chapter 1
Your Story & Purpose
Use your story to narrow in on the purpose and values behind your business so you know exactly what you need to communicate.


Chapter 2
Your Ideal Client

Find your one ideal client and get to know them better so you can build a brand that is wildly appealing to all the right people.

Chapter 3
Your Place in the Market
Figure out what brands you fit in with and stand apart from so you know how to position your brand alongside the businesses your people loves.


Chapter 4
Your Next Steps
Define your dream life and business, own your challenges, and plan your next steps so you can put your newfound clarity to action.

Get clear about your brand and start building your business with intention

The Brand Clarity Workbook is just $30