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What Is Brand Clarity?

Brand Clarity goes beyond color schemes and fonts and asks: What does your brand need to do for you?


Instead of asking what your favourite colour is, Brand Clarity identifies your ideal client, figures out what visually appeals to them, and then pairs that with your brand values and business goals.


So that your brand and graphics actually work for you, and help you grow your business. Instead of just being pretty, they attract in better clients (who are willing to pay you what you deserve), and they help you narrow in on marketing tactics that work and get results for you.


So you can spend less time staring at your computer screen and more time with the things that truly matter in your life.


What is Intentional Design?

Intentional Design isn’t just about being pretty or creative or unique—it’s about being the most effective.


Intentional Design starts by asking what’s working for your business, and then custom designs the exact pieces for your specific needs. I create only graphics that will appeal to your ideal client and that are directly aligned with your business goals.


Professional design means you can stop wasting time trying to DIY your brand images and build confidence in your brand. Intentional Design means you don’t have to waste money on letterhead you’re never going to use. (But if you need letterhead of course I’ll design it for you!)


When you put them together…

Brand Clarity gives you a brand and business roadmap that helps you define where you want to go, and what steps you need to get there. Intentional Design supports your brand with beautiful graphics created specifically to help you reach your unique business goals.


So you can attract better clients who are willing to pay what you’re worth, and narrow in on marketing tactics that actually work for you. Which means you can spend less time in front of a screen, and more time enjoying the entrepreneurial lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

Let’s take your business to the next level!

Here are some ways Brand Clarity could work for you:
Brand Clarity Coaching

Dig deep to reconnect with your purpose, get clear about your brand, and start planning next steps. 

Brand Clarity + Intentional Design

Brand Clarity plus a full, done for you Intentional Design package with graphics special-selected for your business goals.

Not sure which one’s right for you?

Together, we’ll figure out what your branding needs are and what’s best for you.
Even if that means not working with me. 

Kind Words
Susie Moreno, Brand Clarity & Building Blocks Client

Lilly was someone I felt I could trust. She gave me personalized attention and extreme focus to really understand my business and goals before even drafting the first concept.

Susie Moreno
Susie Moreno Photography

Cherish Giordano, Brand Clarity & Design Client

Because you’re in the target audience of women I’m trying to reach,
you get my ideas and I value your input. Thank you so much for everything!
You are awesome and I know this won’t be the last time we’ll work together!!!

Cherish Giordano
Baby Fox & Co.

Renee Waters, Brand Clarity & Direction Client

Lilly will help you see your business and vision in a whole new light. Her Brand Clarity meeting is so worth the time. I can’t wait to take the next step to my branding.

Renee Waters
Renee Waters Photography

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